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Pacific Education is an Exclusive official partner in India for Kabardino-Balkarian State University

PACIFIC EDUCATION is the only organization which is authorized by University of RUSSIA, UKRAINE, GEORGIA, KYRGYZSTAN, KAZAKHSTAN, CHINA, PHILIPINES & NEPAL to provide admission to Indian students in top Medical universities.

Pacific Education is a pioneer in getting admission for international students for Study in Abroad & India Since 2005.

PACIFIC EDUCATION is an India’s Leading Consultant for study in Abroad and India. For Medical, Dental ,Engineering, Management, Law & Fashion courses provided by us.

PACIFIC EDUCATION Welcomes you all....
PACIFIC EDUCATION are committed to provide the best and precise information of India & Abroad best university to the student.

We have the ability to communicate well and express themselves in a clear manner, whether in writing or speaking. We always want to provide accurate/appropriate communication between you and us. PACIFIC EDUCATION never hesitates of taking responsibility or a more responsible position. We also ready to work beyond the call of duty in order to meet goals or to solve problems. So, one has to keep reminding oneself about the importance and significance of working hard as a success company. We are always with your child to adjust themselves to new environment, willing to learn new things and perform their best in changes are likely to be the best performers.

We contribute is an ideal worker, those perform well in a team which is become a factor for sooner or later. Because everyone appreciates a helping hand, we not hesitate to helping out others. This make a friendly relations relation between us. We all know that “ Honesty is the best policy”. PACIFIC EDUCATION always honest work and qualifications. And we always need your feedback (bad as good) which is essential to become a good worker. Work rules are made to be followed. Our workers always follows the policies of the company and inspires others to do so too.

Our presence all over India, we are never far from you. Visit any of our offices located in New Delhi, Jharkhand, Bihar, Chhattisgarh , Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Utar Pardesh, Utrakhand, West Bangal, jamu Kashmir, Kolkata, Rajasthan, Gujarat for Free counseling.

PACIFIC EDUCATION always thanks to you for choose and join us for your bright future because we love to serve you.


PACIFIC EDUCATION  has the vision of turning your Dream into reality and for that we aim at:-

  1. Identify, promote and maintain quality education program which shall contribute towards building individuals and building a notion.
  2. Provide quality service to enable students and faculty to achieve the highest levels of perfection possible in them.
  3. Provided a platform for intermingling of universities, people, countries, organizations and cooperates for exchange of ideas, views and research.
  4. Provide university with the tools to give their best services through understanding cultural mindsets and demographic and analytical tools to spread their message into the heart of the student population.


• FREE Counselling
• University Selection
• MCI Coaching in College Campus
• Admission Process
• Visa Assistance
• Flight
• Transportation