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Pacific EducationWelcome to our medical University, an institution replete with tradition, values, enthusiasm, quality and international prestige.

Our educational model is student-oriented. Opportunities to learn for yourself and to participate in a research project are highly recommended. Throughout your medical training you will witness many very rich opportunities to exchange opinions and ideas with classmates from different countries, thus increasing your awareness of cultural diversity and placing you on the correct tract to treat patients of different cultures.

In our renowned Program of Medicine in the Community, opportunities to increase your clinical skills abound. Your participation in supporting the underserved population will be enormously appreciated and of immense benefit to you. You will be one of the foreign students who develop, practice and master bilingual skills while also developing skills related to humanism, professionalism and altruism.

The Tver State Medical University works arduously to assure that at the end of your training you will be a physician with a special profile: a knowledgeable, dutiful, clinician, communicator, researcher, and long-term learner for the benefit of your community

FEE Strucrure
1st to 6th year = 7000 $ / year

1 USD=65 INR(approx for calculation)