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Pacific EducationPskov State University is regarded as a flagship of the educational system, the сenter for science and culture of the region. The University is a prestigious higher education institution in the Northwest of Russia recognized both in Russia and abroad.

Best university for Indian students to pursue their dream degree. The university has a team of scientists recognized not only in Russia but also abroad. More than 10.5 thousand students and graduate students study at the university, including more than 1300 foreign citizens from 41 countries of the world.

The University trains specialists to the benefit of economic, political, social, historical and cultural sectors of development of the Pskov region as the border region included into the system of Baltic countries partnerships.


Pskov State University has created the conditions for life-long education through the implementation of basic education programs (bachelor’s degree, specialist programs, master’s degree and postgraduate), programs of secondary vocational education, and a variety of additional educational programs.

Pskov State University has a multi-level structure of training:
• Secondary vocational education;
• Bachelor’s degree/Specialist;
• Master’s degree;
• Postgraduate.

The University provides qualified professionals for the economic, political, social, historical and cultural development of the Pskov region as a border region that is included in the partnership of the Baltic countries.

Training is conducted in 178 educational programs, including 47 bachelor’s specializations, 9 master’s specializations, 30 specializations of higher education, 20 postgraduate specializations and 18 specializations of vocational education. Besides that the university implements 55 programs of additional education.

Admission of foreign citizens

Admission of foreign citizens in the University for training on Bachelor and Master programs is conducted in the order prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in accordance with international treaties of the Russian Federation and intergovernmental agreements of the Russian Federation at the expense of the appropriate budget of the RF fiscal system (including, within the limits set by the Government of the Russian Federation, quotas), as well as contracts with tuition paid by individuals and (or) legal entities....
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