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Kazakh National Medical University is a university in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It is the no.1 medical institute in all of Kazakhstan. Many of Kazakhstan's leading physicians are affiliated with the university. It is dedicated to S.D. Asfendiyarov who was the first rector when the university was established in 1931. In 2001, the government classified it as a "national" university. There are more than 11000 students, PhD students study at KazNMU, and there are more than 1500 faculty members working at Kazakh, including more than 200 doctors of science, 130 professors, more than 500 candidates of science and 15-laureates of State prizes


Kazakh National Medical University im.S.D.Asfendiyarova - is an innovation-oriented and socially-responsible University, a leader in Central Asia in preparation of competitive multi-level health professionals and pharmacies through the implementation of the competency-based model of medical and pharmaceutical education, with extensive involvement of local and foreign scientists and continuously enhancing the scientific potential.


The attraction and admission of foreign, prospective students is conducted in cooperation with official representatives, having official agreements with KNMU and relevant authorities. Agreements between the KNMU and official representatives include, applicants have no other aims except for the aim to receive medical education while staying in the Kazakstan.

Arrival and training expenses of foreign students at KNMU include: Admission fee, Tution fee, Hostel Accommodation fee. These payments must be made according to university rules and procedure. Living expenses of foreign students on their own, in compliance with university rules and procedures.


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Tution fee = 4500 $
Hostel fee = 600 $